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February 2016 Books of the Month
Bereavement - Evidence of Eternity by Psychic Lawyer Mark Anthony

Music - Learn to Play Guitar by Gareth Evans

Fiction - CLICK by Rebecca Cook

Children's Books - Jack David, the Noisiest Kid in the Class by Lindy Brown

Memoirs - The Killdeer and other stories of the farming life by Michael Cotter

Biographies and Memoirs - Butcher A Hog by Brian O'Sullivan

Children's Books - Mindel and The Misfit Dragons; A Magical Tale by an Ancient Hand by Xianna Michaels

Mystery - The Serpent's Game by A.C. Frieden

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Author Interviews
Mark Anthony
Mark Anthony - The Psychic LAWYER -- Read More

K. Lynch
Thanks to our friend and publicist, Tany Soussana, we get to hear from author K. Lynch -- Read More

Sam Yarney
Thanks to our own Larry Miller for his insightful questions of Sam Yarney, author of our 2010 Book of the Year -- Read More

Marc Miller
I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to speak with -- Read More

Karen Salyer McElmurray
Karen McElmurray will be going on sabbatical this year in Washington D.C. where she’ll be working on her next novel. I’d like to thank her for speaking with about her latest book, ‘Motel of the Stars’. -- Read More

Cliff Graham
I recently spoke to ‘Day of War’ author, Cliff Graham, who talked about the series of books he’s been working on that follow King David’s Mighty Men from the Book of Samuel in the Bible. -- Read More

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